Domain Parking Does Not Work!

Okay, let me rephrase that - unless you own a domain name that gets hundreds of visitors a day via type-in traffic, domain parking does not work!

If you've ever parked a domain name, then you know exactly what I mean. Domain parking is a nice way to make a little bit of money from a great domain name while advertising it for sale. But if you're looking for that domain to earn good money for you then domain parking is not your best solution.

Domain parking is easy. Basically you just assign your domain's name servers to your favorite parking service and they automatically create a simple site full of ads for it. When someone visits that domain they may click on one of those ads and then you'll get paid a "portion" of the revenue that click generated.

There are a few flaws in this:

  1. You are only getting a portion of your pay-per-click earnings. Your parking service is getting the rest of your earnings.
  2. You get paid only for the first click. Most parking services keep the additional earnings if a visitor clicks on more than one link. (Sad but true.)
  3. Search engines quickly ignore these domains and don't send them any traffic. They are smart enough to realize that they are just a page full of ads.
  4. Once someone lands on your parked domain page, they know it's just a page full of ads and they typically leave immediately.

Most parked domains generally acquire only direct, type-in traffic... meaning that someone types your domain name directly into their browser window just to see what it is. On the contrary, if you develop your domain and have some good content on it, then it gets indexed by the search engines and can present itself as a clickable option to those who may have searched on the words that are relevant to your web site.

So then, of course, the problem becomes "How do I develop my domain?" That's where Kwikcontent comes in...

We realize that there are a lot of people out there who have some decent domain names that they want to start earning money with. Kwikcontent takes the guess work out of the entire development process. We've got it all set up for you. You simply tell Kwikcontent what search terms are relevant to your domain name and it grabs all the content you need to start attracting search engine traffic.

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