Kwikcontent Features

One license allows you to install Kwikcontent on all of your domains!

Content Feeds

Kwikcontent uses many of the developer APIs from Yahoo! in order to provide your site with some of the best, freely available content found anywhere on the web.

  • Quickly generates thousands of pages of quality content based around your customized set of keywords.
  • Content for your site is updated daily to keep your site fresh and attractive to repeat visitors.  You can also establish how often your content is automatically updated.  No special knowledge of your server environment is required to do this as it is simply built into your site’s programming (i.e. no cron jobs are required).
  • Aggregated content is organized into 4 main categories:
    • News.  Automatic, up to the hour news feeds pertaining to your key topics.
    • Knowledge Base.  A question and answer platform where questions relevant to your site’s topics have been asked and publicly answered.
    • Other Resources.  Links to, and brief descriptions of, other websites that relate to your site’s topics.
    • Images.  Pictures that support your key topics.
  • Use the integrated keyword suggestion tool to grab the most up-to-date, active search terms for your relevant topics.
  • Assign keyword rank status so that your most relevant keywords hold the highest prominence in your web site.
  • Content on your site is automatically ranked for relevance based up your keywords so that the best content appears at the top of your pages.
  • Choose to manually update only certain pieces of your content feeds at any time.
  • No content is lost.  As your site’s content loses relevance, it simply gets a lower “rank” within your content navigation pages.  Search engines should never send your visitors to a dead link.
  • Manually delete pieces of information that you do not want to display on your public web pages.
  • Your aggregated content is automatically search engine optimized (SEO) to attract heavy traffic from the biggest search engines.

Your Custom Content

Not only does Kwikcontent provide you with thousands of pages of automatically updated content, but it also acts as a Content Management System (CMS)… providing you with the tools you need to manage your own complimentary, custom content.

  • Add unlimited articles to your keyword topics.  Kwikcontent also comes with an area where you can manage a bank of article authors so that you can simply assign authors to articles.
  • Create an unlimited number of static pages that are added to your site’s navigation.  Your customized static content pages can also act as “parent pages” where you can add links to more static pages.  This “parent page” technology provides you with the ability to add a directory-styled area to your web site.  Any static page in your site can have an unlimited number of “child pages” and each of those pages can have an unlimited number of “child pages” and so on.
  • Create your own RSS feed pages. The above mentioned "static pages" allow you to place the URL of any RSS feed you want to display on the page.
  • Custom inserts on any page. Your Kwikcontent site will attract organic search engine traffic. Inserts allow you to capture any page on your site and display/insert your own custom-created information. Search engine marketers can use this as a "catch" for cross-promotion on dynamically created pages to encourage customer actions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Kwikcontent is highly search engine optimized to deliver high-quality, organic traffic to your web site.

  • Search-engine friendly URLs for all pages on site.
  • Semantic HTML markup is used to support the organization of your site’s content relevant to your keyword topics.
  • Automated window title, meta description and meta keywords for all of your aggregated content sections.
  • Ability to customize SEO information for custom created content.
  • Automated, custom sitemap developed for any search engine to understand how your site is laid out.
  • Automated breadcrumb link trails on all pages that is used to support your site’s hierarchy and allow search engines to better understand how your content is organized.

Other Kwikcontent Features

  • Ability to customize the look and feel of your site via themes.
  • Control basic layout guidelines for areas like your home page and keyword landing pages.
  • Online text editors (WYSIWYGs) are built into your custom content sections so that you do not need any HTML knowledge to create your own top-notch content.
  • No revenue sharing for your PPC earnings.  You keep 100% of your site’s revenue.
  • Admin area allows you to paste in your own Google Analytics and Google AdSense information.
  • Integrated Google site search allows your visitors to search your site to find the exact information they need.
  • Support is available by emailing us directly or by posting in our support forum.

What have you got to lose?  Order Kwikcontent Now!

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