Install kwikcontent

Make sure you have read the System Requirements before you attempt to install kwikcontent on your server. Currently, there is not a web-based installer for kwikcontent. However, these step-by-step instructions should prove fairly simple for most users.

If you are not comfortable installing your own kwikcontent software, we can assist you for a small fee. You can purchase a kwikcontent installation here.

  1. Download the Zip file which contains your domain's kwikcontent application.
  2. Extract the kwikcontent Zip file to your local hard drive.
  3. Create a new MySQL database on your domain.
  4. Import the db.sql file (found in your kwikcontent /install directory) into the MySQL database you just created.
  5. Open the _global.php file found in the includes/ directory. Update the MySQL database variables with your proper MySQL database information. Although it is not necessary, advanced users can also update other defined variables in this file.
  6. Upload all of the files to the web root directory of your domain (except for the /install directory).
  7. Password protect your /admin directory. Note: This directory can be renamed if desired.
  8. CHMOD the following directories to 0777:
    • /cache
    • /templates_c
  9. Visit the admin panel of your kwikcontent software ( and click into the Settings area. You will need to save your Yahoo! Application ID in this section before you can begin to update your site content. If you do not yet have an application ID, you can obtain one (free of charge) here.

Your installation is complete. You can now begin updating your site's content. If you have any problems (or would like to share your suggestions for improving kwikcontent) please visit our support forum.

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