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Full Version: Adsense, Kontera etc
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I was just wondering what the stance advertising networks like google and kontera have towards kwikcontent. I know its being marketed as a domainer tool but are you allowed to have adsense on domain parking pages ?

And what about networks like Kontera, I have no doubt it would work very well with KwikContent, but will it get you banned.... ?

I guess these questions are mainly to Jeff but if anyone else has views woud love to hear them.. Smile
I would work very well. Why should it get you banned?

Treat KC as just another CMS.

Don't you get plugins for auto updation RSS feeds for blogs that run on wordpress on perfectly legit sites.

They should get banned too Smile
Well isnt a Kwikcontent site with no unique content simply an auotmated MFA site. What im getting at is this, maybe an example.

Someone mentioned something about 300 domains , now if you implemented kwikcontent on 300 good quality domains, no unique content, we all know its easily possible to earn 0.50-$1 a day on each domain. Thats approximately $150-$300 per day ($4500-$9000 per month) Im sure the google team would notice a nice little income happening there... Would they have any basis to ban your account. Would you be able to come back and say well i was just using this domainer tool called kwikcontent which im parking my domains with.

I think a few sites here and there e.g 10-50 is no problem but if you scaled up do you think kwikcontent sites would be flagged. Again just a question?
If you have the money to get 300 quality domains, I am sure one can spend money getting some good quality content for all of them.

I use KC as a BACKUP tool for any already good content site.

And yes, the big G has never knocked on my door for it.
Well I think you would be surprised but 300 Quality Domains are very easy to find, infact with KC even average domains do quite well, putting together content sites manually takes longer and definitely costs more....

But what im really getting at is KC fine for simple domain parking monetisation ? With regards to you not having google at your door well I dont think anyone has been running KC for any length of time except for maybe Jeff, but even he hasnt been running it for say 2-3 years....

Anyway where is Jeff, Im surprised he hasnt commented yet ? :eek:
I'm just enjoying reading your comments on this one. And no, G as never complained to me... and I've had unrelated AdSense issues that has caused site investigations (including KC sites).
Thanks for your feedback their Jeff Smile Any luck with getting accepted on something like Kontera ?
I've personally never used Kontera, but it's worth a shot to give it a try. I personally get contacted quite frequently from affiliate managers of all sorts that are looking to place banners on my KC sites, so it doesn't seem the consensus is that there's anything wrong with the site structure. My stats even show that most visitors explore the site a bit and stick around for averages between one minute and four minutes (depending on the topic).

Yes, Kontera allows these sites. I have 2 sites with Kontera on them now. Every little bit of revenue helps.

Jeff: Yes i agree with the bounce rates they can be pretty low if you choose a good domain with good keywords.

Adam: Is that a straight KC site or have you mixed it up with loads of custom content ?
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