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Full Version: heavy mysql load?
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I've received two notices from my webhost about using too much of the mysql dbase.

[INDENT]We suspended the domain because it is causing load in the server with many querying... Please remove this account from the server.[/INDENT]

Do you have a recommended heavy load mysql host?

Or do I just reduce the number of updates, like say 14 or 30 days, etc?


That's seems very strange given it is pretty light weight. I'm not sure who you're hosting with, but my guess would be that just about anyone else would be okay.

Reducing the updates may help, but my thinking is that it is your site traffic causing the load... not the updates. You should see if your host can give you more specific details on the problem.
Hello Jeff-

Thanks for the reply.

I have come to believe that the host is just a crock.

I have 3 hosts that host kwikcontent sites and this is the only one giving me a hassle about it.

I asked them if I could pay extra for the mysql usage (since "unlimited mysql databases" doesn't mean you can actually use them) and they replied that I could upgrade to a hosting package that costs 4x as much with the same "unlimited mysql databases."

So, as soon as I can, I will be changing hosts.



So now it's not the heavy mysql load, they are saying it's causing a heavy cpu load.

Would you recommend turning updates off? For the news updates, would that mean just putting it to "0"?


That's still odd. My first guess is that it's not coming from your Kwikcontent system, but I'll assume it is for now. Quick question - how many uniques/page impressions are you getting on this site daily?
Hey Jeff-

Not very many actually, less than 30 a day for uniques.

I have several domains hosted with their servers and only 2 have caused problems.

I've just turned off updates on these two sites. Moving these sites can really be a chore.


I think your host is mistaken. And I don't see how updates would cause an issue. The updates could cause a "surge" of CPU usage over the course of about a minute, but only while they are happening.

To put it in perspective. I have sites that literally see thousands of uniques daily that are handling the load with no problem whatsoever.
Sorry to barge in here but i run my own suite of dedi boxes and I can tell you that the Kwikcontent mysql queries are not heavy load. Your host is talking rubbish...