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Full Version: Image Deletes
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Why not make a simple plugin that will allow a user to delete all the images in one click instead of one at a time?

Because you usually don't want to delete all of them at the same time, just the bad ones.

If you really want to do it, you could drop the image table in your phpadmin control panel.

I have to agree with Adam. Doing something like you're suggesting would cause search engines to have dead pages indexed for your site... not generally a good idea for SEO.
I disagree, as fast as they are dropped new images can be added by the script.

I'm willing to take a risk on losing very, very little image search traffic as opposed to having porn all over the site.

Who knows it might come up as porn again, I'll drop the table and try it.
Make sure you don't "Drop" the table. Instead, you just want to "Empty" it.
Yeppers Empty not Drop

This works very well