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Text link ads code placement
Hi Jeff,

If we wish to place the TLA code only on our homepage. (The code is in PHP). Which page do we edit and WHERE do we place this code?

Thanks Smile
I'm not sure what you mean by "TLA code." Can you give me some specific files you're looking in and what code you are referring to?
It's just a code in PHP that starts with <?php and ends with ?>. That's all.

1) So if I wish to place a simple PHP code on JUST the home page which template file do I edit for the same?

2) And if I wish to place a simple PHP code on the home page AND ALL internal pages, which template file(s) do I edit for the same?

Thanks a ton.
Well actually, you may not be able to put your PHP code in the template files. The system uses Smarty to separate page logic (PHP) and display (HTML). Therefore, to do it properly, you would need to add your PHP code in the proper PHP file, assign the output of that code to a variable, and then assign that variable to smarty. You can then display that variable within the Smarty templates.

I realize that probably sounds a little confusing, so you may want to seek the help of a PHP developer. Unfortunately, the specifics of making this level of custom edits is outside the scope of support available here.

The below may work for you, but it depends on the PHP code you're trying to implement.

Instead of this <?php CODE GOES HERE ?>

Try this {php} CODE GOES HERE {/php} within the template file.

Best of luck.
Thank you Jeff, it worked Smile

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