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Creating SiteMaps?

What is the best way to creating sitemaps for kwikcontent sites?

I tried using GSiteCrawler but it doesn't seem to be able to scan a kwikcontent-made site.

There are many freebie XML site map creating tools out there but they have a ceiling as to how many pages it will create a sitemap for (most likely around 500 pages max). And because a kwikcontent site can scale maybe infinitely, some of these tools will not be effective.

Also, is there a way to find out how many pages have been indexed by kwikcontent? (that way I can guage the size of the database and so on).

Are you trying to create a Google sitemap? Or are you trying to create a large page full of all the links on your site? Kwikcontent doesn't currently do either of these, as it has not seemed necessary. However, I would be curious to find out more about what you are trying to achieve.
either one will do -

prefereably a google sitemap so that all the pages in the database can be indexed by the search engines.

I noticed that there kwikcontent already has a built-in sitemap but it doesn't seem to display links to every single page in the database (I could be wrong, however).

also, is there a way to find out how many pages that kwikcontent has already collected or indexed? (that way I can monitor the growth of my sites).

There is nothing built-in to Kwikcontent that will create a Google sitemap. However, it could be custom developed. Unfortunately, that is not a feature I would be willing to build out free of charge. I may be willing to create a plugin to achieve this. I'm curious what you feel that might be worth. Of course, I wouldn't expect you to bear the brunt of the entire development cost, but just a single license.

The situation is the same as far as the total pages that your site contains. It's possible, but not built-in.

Keep in mind that a Google sitemap can be helpful, but it is not necessary for search engines to crawl and index your site. Kwikcontent was designed with organization in mind. Most search engines will have your site(s) near completely indexed within about a month of getting started.
ok thanks for telling me that Jeff.

Is there a way to find out how many pages are being indexed in a kwikcontent database? (to help guage the growth of the site).
Jeff Wrote:The situation is the same as far as the total pages that your site contains. It's possible, but not built-in.

Although this is not built in, you could get a rough idea of the total pages in your site by looking at your database. You can get an estimate count by counting the total rows in the following tables:


This would be a fairly simple tie in for someone familiar with PHP. If anyone wants to post a script to do this here, feel free. Sorry, this isn't something I will be including in the software itself.
Added sitemaps to Kwikcontent 1.1

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