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Putting ebay ads in your pages
Originally posted by jeremysa1:

Using the ebay developers kit, it's pretty easy to integrate targeted ebay listings on your answer pages.

On my yahoo_answer.htm file in my templates directory, I added the following code from ebay:

<script language="JavaScript" src="{$answer.qa_info.Subject}&r0=3&shipcost=n&sid=2311893&siteid=0&sort=MetaEndSort&sortby=endtime&sortdir=asc&srchdesc=y&tbgcolor=FFFFFF&tlecolor=FFCE63&tlefs=0&tlfcolor=000000&track=dog&width=570"></script>

If you go to ebay's developer kit, you can change the look, colors, size, number of items, etc. You'll need to sign up for their affiliate program through commission junction in order to make any money. Remember that CJ kicks your account (and charges a deactivation fee) if you don't make your first sale within a few months, so I'd let your site mature a bit before signing up if you don't already have an account.

You can see that it dynamically changes the query based on the question asked, using the query={$answer.qa_info.Subject} tag.

THere is probably a way to change the query call to get the subcategory keyword, and not the whole question (because wordy questions can return no results in ebay), but I'm not sure what to replace [$answer.qa_info.Subject] with.

Feel free to use the ebay code (though you might want to change the referrer id unless you want me to get paid for all your ebay sales!)
What is the Token for the subcategory keyword tag? {subkeyword} or something ? or even the main category keyword tag?
For the current keyword (subcategory or category), use {$keyword.key_text}

If you have complex keywords that don't deliver suitable results, you could also use the site name: {$domain.domain_title}

(Note: This also works with Amazon and other affiliate programs that deliver targeted product ads based on keywords you provide.)
You forgot to put your referal EBay ID in the search, so you are loosing Ebay affiliate referrals!

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