Kwikcontent System Requirements

  • PHP 5 or higher.
  • MySQL 4 or higher.
  • Bing Application ID. Get one here (free).
  • Yahoo! Application ID. Get one here (free).
  • Server must respond properly to .htaccess files (generally any server with Apache installed or IIS with ISAPI Rewrite).
  • Must be installed in the root web directory of your domain.
    (Example: Not or
  • Your server must allow remote connections using the PHP function file_get_contents(). Generally, this means the PHP directive "allow_url_fopen" must be set to "On." or the hosting provider must support cURL
    NOTE: Most GoDaddy plans do not support this ability.

Attention PHP Developers

Kwikcontent is very developer friendly. It is understood that many domainers are also PHP developers and may want to alter the code to meet their own implementation needs. This is absolutely allowed. Each Controller script in the application calls upon included PHP files (1) before any Controller page logic is performed, (2) after all Controller page logic is performed and before the View template is rendered and (3) after the View template is rendered as the last line of the Controller script.

Kwikcontent uses the Smarty Template Engine to make editing your layout (HTML) files very easy. There is only a very minor level of processing logic integrated into each template file.

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